Sharp solutions

Find not one, but the best solution for your problem

I am creative

Creative solutions directly for your prblem

On point

Pay only for what you need and want

What I Do

Choose the right one

From idea to product

I will help you to outline your idea and find the best possible solution for your problem, like an app for iOS or Android.


A healthy balance between planning with all possible stakeholders of the new product and just enough to reduce the costs.


You can always count on me! I will support you from start to end and if you need it, I will be available for follow-up questions!


Our Projects

My Projects


Android application for text summaries from other apps.

Software solution for an interactive video reading.


Small business websites with wordpress.

Interested to work with me?

Just hit me with your idea and then we brainstorm. Only if you hire me afterwards to implement your project you have to pay me!