The INTERPRETEE App should allow you to read texts for example from messenger apps and get a summary. So if you missed a ton of messages in a group chat for example, you have the chance to get up to date really quick.

The app is developed for Android and uses Accessibility Services and a Cloud service written in Python on heroku. After the text input happened, it is sent to the cloud service. The processed text is sent back in seconds through a json body as response to the POST request. 

footage.inc is a small video creation studio from Germany. We are three guys producing primarily humoristic sketches for YouTube. In the last years we produced over 30 small videos, from vlogs, to image films or event recordings. 

Our biggest project till today was a recording of five circus shows by school children after a project week. In two days they had brilliant shows we filmed with just two people and edited on the same nights. 

We will always develop small software projects for your digital events and are part of a small event team in Germany, that will be part of a very innovative digital reading in cinemas all over Germany! More information will be put onto my website and the footage.inc website, when the events will happen!

I am not a professional web developer. So for that I will only realise small business or private websites with WordPress and premade templates. Nevertheless my knowledge of HTML and CSS will help you, to individualise them perfectly. This results in great website to a very small price. 

So if you only need small websites with basic features I am your go to guy! I will help you and discuss everything to the smallest detail with you. Are you in need for great photos to go along with your relaunch? You live in the Cologne area? I have a good friend of mine, who will support me and take fantastic pictures of you, your product or your team! Just hit me.

Some examples for websites I helped to create will be linked here soon.